Happy Travel

One thing is for sure, travel lovers really live their lives. If you have not traveled so far, it’s time to see the countries you want and gets to know new people and their culture. If you have a job in one place, go for a vacation. If you have the ability to do your job online, then you need a good internet connection and you can work anywhere in the world. Being a happy traveler is the best thing you will do in your life. Travel cannot be forgotten, it always remains in the heart.

As Pat Conroy said:

“When you travel, the journey never ends, but it is repeated again in the smallest queues. The mind can never be separated from the journey.”

Today we have more chance to travel. The journeys are not too expensive as a few years ago. These days we have a great choice of cheap flights and cheap accommodation options. Great choice at very affordable prices can be found in hotels, hostels, AIRBNB, Workaway…

It’s nice to listen to stories about traveling from other people,  listen to opinion from your children, but choosing a destination yourself.

I believe that each of us has a desire to be a happy traveler, to go somewhere, to travel, to meet new cultures. Depending on your possibility, you decide on which way your trip will go.