I am Maja, health worker, in naturally very curious, versatile, I love to learn, so I am a woman with lots of ideas, some of them I realize. I like music, a positive attitude but especially I love to travel. So I am a great travel fan, traveled in my twenties, visited some states in Europe, and I still remember all of these travels. After that in my country started a war and I had no opportunity to travel. Then my 15 years went without some further travel.  My bigger trip was in the forties. I  visited New Zealand because my daughter went to live there. It was a wonderful trip and one of the most beautiful countries that I saw. I would like to come back again, there is always something I want to see more but there are so many beautiful countries I still want to visit.

Two years ago I received such a cheap travel offer to Antalya (Turkey). At that time, in another part of Turkey,  was a turmoil, and it was very unsafe to travel. We watched this on TV and read a lot in the Newspaper. At that part of the country were no incident and my travel went fine. Did I risk myself? No,  I knew I was going to the part that was safer. Did we risk in our life sometimes in other things? Occasionally, have the incident in all parts of the world, in places where we live, and we don’t stop living because of that.