My Travel, Writing And Make Money

Everyone is traveling somewhere. Travels leave the greatest memories.

On my travel, I met new cities, countries, new people, new culture, and lifestyle. Somehow since my youth, I traveled quite a lot and travel was my great obsession. I had already read some travel blogs before, and I knew that the people are made money from writing. But I did not think about it.

I wanted to meet people, talk to them, get to know their culture, their thoughts. After that stories, I would like to see a lot of things, then I was sitting on the local bus and go to explore. I wanted to know a part of history, visit sights, visit sacral buildings, meet everyday life. Of course, explore local foods as I usually like to try new meals, new tastes, spices and anything that belongs to the culinary of a country.

After a long break from traveling and thinking of them, I started writing about my travels. Writing about everything I saw, experience, where I dined..etc. I took a lot of photos, with amateur photo camera, I published some photos on websites where the photos were sold but … I could not make money. Of course, I did not know anything about advertising.

Then I made my first fan page on Facebook.  I thought that my travel could be more described in my blog and since recently I’ve also made a  blog with some guidelines and tips.

Just at that time, the TravelistClub needed people who were willing to write about travel.

I signed up, they approved my work and it was my first earning related to the topic of travel.

I am not a writer but I followed the requirements and learned how to write an article so that it is interesting and useful for travelers. Why not describe your experiences, give some advice and make money from it?

You can do all that same.

TravelistaClub with the Writers.Agency gives you great ideas and great tips on writing articles.

They are very correct and it’s nice to work with them.

If you have not thought about writing, it may be time to go. Become a writer, advise travelers, and make money from it.

You will get all the information and advice at TravelistaClub and Writers Agency.

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