Visit Zagreb – The Capital Of Croatia

Croatia is a relatively small country in southeastern Europe, visited by tourists, primarily because of the beautiful coast of the Adriatic Sea. Zagreb is mentioned for the first time almost 1000 years ago, today it is the capital of Croatia.

Something about city history

The town has two historic parts of Civic Gradec and the church part of town between which they were carrying frequent bloody battles, whose architectural remains are still preserved, so visitors can enjoy the opportunity to climb from the main square, either in the narrow streets or by funicular, from the old walls of the former Gradec. The tourists can see the almost complete panorama of the city and only a hundred meters from the main square dominated by the beautiful building of the  St.Marko church architecture, old masters’ houses, craftsmen as well as the palaces of the richest citizens will leave every visitor a strong impression.

Zagreb – Cathedral


Going down to the lower town built mainly in a neoclassical style, it is worth visiting the main market of the city, 50 meters away from the main square “Jelacic square”, and buy the use of the quality products of the Croatian village at really affordable prices. Also in the very narrow part of town as well as the wider, every visitor will notice a large number of coffee bars and restaurants.

Market Dolac

Where to go?

The lovers of jogging and recreation will enjoy the charms of the centuries-old Maksimir Forest Park, the favorite weekend destination of Zagreb residents or even the most attractive Zagreb lakes Jarun and Bundek. In Maksimir you can also visit the modern, newly-built zoo, rich in wildlife both from Croatia and from around the world.

Jarun Lake

Visit Hrelic, which is held every Sunday in the open, where people sell various items that can not be found elsewhere, tools and parts, household goods, antiques, etc.

The fruit and vegetable market at the British Square every Saturday is transformed into a market of antiques where people sell the items of the past, not only from the area of Croatia but also from all over the world.

Zagreb offers a lot of opportunities for visitors and an unforgettable experience.

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  1. Zagreb is really a beautiful city. I like the history of the city and all those old buildings. You can eat well in the city and not expensive.

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